Pizza Like This masterclasses and courses are designed to help you learn to become a Neapolitan pizza maker in the fasted time possible.

About Pizza Like This:

Pizza Like This comprises Antimo and Chris. Antimo is a world champion pizza maker who teaches pizza makers how to make world-class pizzas and has an event catering business Antimo Pizza Chef. With over 15 years of professional experience in pizza making, Antimo has become an influence and authority in making some of the best pizzas in the world.

Chris has built multiple successful brands, including the e-commerce business The Pizza Oven Store, which provides tools and equipment and installations for all pizza makers from B2C to B2B. His passion for pizza making and enjoyment of weekly Friday pizza nights with his wife and two boys is what drives him.

Antimo and Chris became friends and mentors of each other of their different skill sets. The result is Pizza Like This and Overnight Pizza Chef, which aims to help other pizza makers accomplish their pizza-making dreams!

Antimo and Chris' passion is to help others make better pizzas and upskill themselves to master pizza makers.

Got questions? Contact us at hello@pizzalikethis.com!

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